The purpose for this blog is pretty straight forward. I’ve always enjoyed the free flow of data on the internet and i feel that it’s time to give back to those whoever might find my notekeeping useful. Please do bear with me, this is my first blog. As such all positive criticism is more than welcome.

Since i enjoyed a broad schooling and a broad interest i don’t get to practice these skills in my day-to-day work. Although i did design and supervised the build of a server room from the ground up for my work, even learning some intimate details about air-conditioning in the process. It was a nice break from system administration, digging up knowledge.

Hence this blog. I have some nice projects I want to share in the foreseeable future and i have created this space for this reason. As this is my first blog and I do have a day job among other things, you do best not to expect regular updates until i have proven myself worthy (to myself, or something …)

If you have read this far, i congratulate you. If you have found my notekeeping useful, hurray!